Membership and Class Registration for 2023-2024

 Regular Season membership and class registration for Term 1 is now open

Please reference the Weekly Agenda for class offerings

We offer a full selection of concert band classes at various levels from complete beginner to advanced

Our Big Band classes are directed to members with more experience

See Concert Band and Big Band Level Descriptions (below) for details 

If you are new to NHBT you can register (for free) as a Friend of NHBT so that we can be in touch when registration or events happen

We offer both in-person and virtual class options

Registration for Regular Program

Registration is a 2-Step Process

You create two registration orders – the first one is for membership. When that order is complete, you then return to this registration page and create another order for your classes

You need to complete payment for your membership order before being able to see or select class buttons

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Concert Band and Big Band Class Registration

In-person class registrations must meet minimum class size to be able to offer an effective learning experience. Big Band classes are limited to 35 people.

If registered for in-person but unable to attend on a specific date, you will be able to join remotely. 

Virtual concert band and big band registrations are unlimited. You join these classes as a remote participant using the Zoom link provided and access your music from our online library. 

Class registrations require that you have an account with NHBT and an active Membership  

A membership enables you to then register for corresponding classes, each at their own cost 

Registration for classes requires purchase of an NHBT membership that is active for that period of time 

We offer a range of membership durations to match your interests  

Memberships only become active after your order for your chosen membership option has been completed i.e. paid 

Only classes that correspond to your active Membership appear for selection during class registration

Classes run for a defined period of time and are individually priced

Class registrations only become active after your order for a chosen class has been completed i.e. paid

Annual or Term  Memberships: Memberships are offered on an Annual or per Term basis

Term 1 runs September to early January – Term 2 runs February to early June

If you don’t yet have an account with us, it will be created within the Checkout page and used immediately to compete your registration.

Unsure? – Your email address will be checked against our records and if you have an account, you will be asked to login at Checkout.

NHBT is proud to offer a rich selection of classes

See the Weekly Agenda under Registration Information for class schedules

Concert Band or Big Band Classes are offered Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – see Weekly Agenda for details

All in-person classes are held at 662 Victoria Park Ave (North-West corner of Victoria Park and Danforth Ave) immediately south of the Victoria Park subway and bus TTC station.

Virtual participation in our band classes offers attendance via the internet using free Zoom software with technical support provided by NHBT. You clearly hear and see the band teacher conducting and play along with the in-person band.  Internet delay does prevent your remote performance from being heard by others. However, you participate in a live rehearsal and benefit from hearing your part in context while playing with a band at your level or even one slightly more advanced than you are ready to join in person. 

Term 1 Concert Band and Big Band classes are $95 each (this is for 16 weeks of 2-hour classes)

Term 2 Concert Band and Big Band classes are $95 each (this is for 16 weeks of 2-hour classes)

Registration for In-person or Virtual (remote) classes require an Annual or corresponding Term membership

As a registered charity, NHBT is able to provide you with an income tax receipt for the organizational membership portion of your fees (class fees are not tax-deductible)

Annual Membership is $300 (includes Term 1 and Term 2)

Term 1 ~ September – January (16 weeks) Membership is $150

Term 2 ~ January – June (16 weeks) Membership is $160

Classes are grouped by category: (links highlighted in red)

      • Class Code B ~ Multi-session Concert Band classes.  There are daytime and evening options for most levels
      • Class Code J ~ Multi-session Big Band classes 
      • Class Code M ~ Multi-session Musicianship classes.
      • Class Code W ~ Workshops are single session only 
      • Music for Life  ~ opportunities to hear stories, learn from experience and enjoy aspects of the life of professional musicians and teachers

COVID-19 Policy Updates

NHBT policies and safety protocols have been updated as of June 19th, 2023

The following safety protocols are in effect:

COVID Safety Protocols

Any member, teacher or visitor to the facility on NHBT business who is feeling unwell or has tested positive for COVID should not attend any in-person classes or enter the NHBT premises.

If you have tested positive for COVID or exhibit any COVID symptoms, please adhere to the following guidance:

    • Follow local public health guidelines regarding staying home, self-isolating, ending self-isolation and returning to everyday activities.  The Toronto Public Health Guidelines can be found here:
    • To return to in-person classes, you must have two negative Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) taken 24 hours apart. Some people may test positive longer than others; you are still infectious as long as you have a positive RAT result.
    • Please ensure you test properly and follow the test instructions.  For increased efficacy of testing, swabbing inside your cheek and/or back of your throat prior to swabbing the inside of your nose is recommended.

If you have been in close contact with a positive case of COVID, please adhere to the following guidance:

    • Follow local public health guidelines regarding close contact (use link provided above)
    • You should test prior to your next class and attend only if the results are negative and you are not exhibiting any COVID symptoms
    • If there is a positive case of COVID in your household, you must not attend any in-person classes while the case is still active. You must then have two negative RATs taken 24 hours apart before returning to class in person.


    • If you have tested positive for COVID, share this information with your teacher via email.
    • If a member, teacher or visitor in your class does contract COVID, all class members for that class will be notified by email. Everyone in the impacted class should follow the guidance noted above regarding close contact.

Members are reminded that virtual class is an option for all registered members. The Zoom link can be found on the members’ page, right above the link for your music.

NHBT has the following practices in place to protect the health and safety of our in-person members:

    • Air filtration units are in operation during class breaks to ensure adequate air exchange.
    • Air filtration units are left on in the rehearsal room between classes and/or turned on at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class.
    • Chairs are placed at defined distances. 
    • NHBT provides an ample supply of hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial hand soap and paper towels in the washrooms.

In-person members follow the protocols below:

    • As per the In-Person Class Vaccination policy, all participants in in-person classes or on the premises for NHBT business must be fully vaccinated. 
    • Participants must provide their own cloths and ensure no “spit” is left behind on the floors or chairs.
    • During breaks wearing masks is recommended but not required. 
    • Please practice good hand hygiene at all times.

Food and Beverages should not be consumed in the band room. 
NHBT will follow Health Canada guidelines, and make changes to this policy as deemed necessary to keep our members safe.

Because vaccination reduces viral load and hence your ability to spread virus, anyone planning to attend in-person classes (members, guests, band directors) must be fully vaccinated.

If an individual cannot be vaccinated due to valid medical reasons or is exempt on grounds protected by the Ontario Human Rights Code, an accommodation can be requested. To ensure the on-going health and safety of all participants, the accommodation that will be offered will be to participate in the class virtually. Virtual classes are available for all who are unable or unwilling to attend in-person classes.

Partially vaccinated individuals may still register for in-person classes with the assumption that they will be fully vaccinated within 4 weeks of the start of the program. They will be required to participate virtually until they are fully vaccinated.


In-Person Classes – a class where all participants (students, guests, band directors) are physically in the same band rehearsal space. This may be a music performance class or any other in-person class.

Fully Vaccinated – participant has received their third dose of a 3-dose vaccine series (2 shots plus booster). The participant has also observed the 2-week waiting period after vaccination during which time the body’s immune system mounts a full response to the vaccine. All vaccines must be Health Canada approved. Any participant that has had two doses of vaccine and has additionally been infected and recovered from COVID will also be considered fully vaccinated. 

Partially Vaccinated – participant has not received the full course of vaccination shots including the booster and/or has not observed the 2 week waiting period after their last shot.

Unvaccinated – individual has not received any doses of a Health Canada approved vaccine.

This updated version of the Vaccination Policy is effective June 13, 2023.

Registration Information

Registration is a 2-Step Process

You create two registration orders – the first one is for membership. When that order is complete, you then return to this registration page and create another order for your classes

You need to complete payment for your membership order before being able to see or select class buttons

Click to toggle open or close the information sections below 
    1. Please place one order per person. Do not combine orders. 
    2. Click on program names on each button to read about them in more detail. If you want to select a program, “Add to cart” from either the program button or the detail. 
    3. Review your shopping cart contents and total fees and adjust as needed by clicking on the Shopping Cart Total value. 
    4. When you’re ready, follow the prompts to checkout.
    5. Items in your shopping cart are checked for consistency – you may find warnings that need to be acknowledged. If there is an error that needs your correction, use your browser page back function to return to the previous page where you can adjust the contents of your cart.
    6. Enter or update your contact and other information, and place your order. 
    7. You will receive an email acknowledging your requests. 
    8. Your requests are reviewed and, if needed, someone will be in touch with you to discuss potential changes. If necessary, changes will be made by our NHBT volunteers and you will receive a new confirmation email – that is your invoice. 
    9. Wait until you receive confirmation of your band program selections before you pay. You may then pay by the method you selected (eTransfer or cheque)
    10. Once your payment has been received and processed you will get a final “order completed” email.

In the checkout process you are providing the contact and related information that will be used to create or update the NHBT membership records and to generate the class lists.  

The checkout form includes an option to discuss individualized payment options. Answer “yes” if this is an important factor that will make your participation in NHBT possible. 

Your NHBT membership and class enrolments are done once your corresponding NHBT store orders are complete. 

Check the status of your orders 

Check the status of your membership registration and class enrolment

You need to be logged into your personal NHBT account to see your information.

Fees for classes reflect the break-even costs of operating NHBT which include a portion for class development and administration.

Our Code of Conduct helps us ensure a welcoming environment for all our band members. It is embedded below for ease of reference. All members are obliged to observe the elements of this code.

Class size registration minimums have to be met for each class to run. Until this minimum is reached, your class registration is not confirmed. Once confirmed, NHBT is relying on class membership to cover the cost of running each class.  

There are no refunds for classes once confirmed – except for medical or other serious cause. 

You have the option of sharing your email address for the class lists that are in the password-protected members area of the website. Addresses and phone numbers are not shared. 

You also have the option of letting us retain your contact information so that we can contact you about events and updates even if you are not currently playing in a band. 

With your authorization, NHBT may use photos or videos that include you during rehearsals, events, and performances on the public portion of our website, on the social networking sites we administer, or similar public outreach. Photos and recordings from band events may also be posted inside the secure members area of the website.

NEW HORIZONS BAND OF TORONTO (By-Law Number 1, Appendix “A”)Members’ Code of Conduct

The following information is provided to inform members of their responsibilities as committed members of the New Horizons Band of Toronto. This policy and practices outlined applies to behaviour during large band classes, sectionals or small ensemble rehearsals, concerts social events, or any other gathering of members participating in and/or representing New Horizons Band of Toronto.

If a member behaves in an objectionable manner, creates disharmony with other band members or with teacher-conductors or coaches during any related New Horizons Band of Toronto activity, then that member’smembership in the New Horizons Band of Toronto may be revoked without remuneration. The Board of Directors will review such situations, on a case-by-case basis and if necessary, ensure that appropriate action is implemented; whether that be remediation or to revoke membership.


In fairness to other band members and New Horizons Band of Toronto’s desire to produce high quality performances, please make every effort to attend all classes/rehearsals. Individuals who miss numerous practices prior to a concert are to speak to the teacher-conductor involved to get their approval to play in any upcoming concerts.

If a member must take a leave of absence or is otherwise unable to perform, they are to make best efforts to inform the teacher-conductor(s) of their absence in advance.

Class/Rehearsal Decorum

Please observe appropriate and respectful class/rehearsal decorum, giving the teacher-conductor your full attention and avoiding conversation which is distracting to others. Save conversation for the break. If you need help, ask the teacher-conductor. If you ask your neighbour for help, do so quietly and not while the teacher-conductor is talking.

Playing your instrument when the teacher-conductor has stopped conducting is discourteous to the teacher- conductor and to those around you.

You are asked to refrain from using personal electronic devices (i.e. cell phones, iPads, etc.) for communication and/or entertainment purposes during classes and/or rehearsals. If you must absolutely use these devices, you are asked to leave the classroom/studio to do so. This activity is a distraction to you and to those around you.

Concert Decorum

Please conduct yourself in an appropriate manner at all times while at the concert venue. Remember that the performance begins when the band or ensemble walks on the stage. The audience will judge your performance from this point until you leave the stage at the conclusion of the presentation.

Distracting behaviours such as talking and excessive body and foot movements should be kept to a minimum.

Members are expected do their fair share in assisting with any needed set-up before a concert and clean-up after a concert. This could be in the form of stacking chairs, taking down stands, returning music, loading trucks, etc.

Members are to adhere to the then current concert dress code.

Music Management

As well as your prime resource during a class/rehearsal or performance, sheet music represents a significant cost to the band. Because of this, it is important that you take full responsibility for any original sheet music entrusted to you.

All original sheet music must be returned by the end of each class. Original music should only leave the classroom/rehearsal space with the permission of the teacher-conductor and must be signed out. This also applies to original scores.

When original sheet music is entrusted to you, it is to be returned to the librarian or your teacher-conductor in the same condition as it was received (i.e. no permanent markings, no holes punched, no highlighter, no tears, etc.). If the music is not returned in acceptable condition, you may be charged a fee to replace that part.

Equipment Management

New Horizons Band of Toronto’s equipment (i.e. percussion, instruments, stands, sound, amps, accessories,social, etc.) represents another significant cost to the band. Because of this, it is important that you take full responsibility for any equipment that is entrusted to you; whether borrowed or used.

If you borrow New Horizons Band of Toronto’s equipment, an Equipment Management Form must be completedand approved by your teacher-conductor and submitted to the Asset Officer.

The equipment must be returned to the Asset Officer at the agreed upon time or as requested. Should the equipment not be returned in the same condition as it was when you signed it out, other than normal wear and tear, you may be charged for the repair or replacement of that equipment.

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Membership Options

Select the membership type and duration that best meets your needs and complete your order to enable the selection of classes 

T1 or T2 are for term-duration in-person concert band and jazz classes that can also be joined remotely via the internet

Annual memberships enable registration for all of Terms 1 and 2

Term 1 memberships enable registration for the first term of our regular band season

Term 2 memberships enable registration for the second term of our regular band season

Friends of NHBT ~ all paid members automatically become Friends of NHBT ~ it’s how we maintain our contact list

Register for free as a Friend of NHBT if you just want to keep in touch

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Showing the single result

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If a concert band or big band class button below does not say “Add to Cart”, this class has reached in-person capacity or is not currently open for registration 

Concert Band Classes

concert band class buttons appear below once you are logged in and a current member

This is where the class buttons appear when you have an active, paid Term 1 membership

This is where the class buttons appear when you have an active, paid Term 2 membership

Big Band Classes

big band class buttons appear below once you are logged in and a current member

This is where the class buttons appear when you have an active, paid Term 1 membership

This is where the class buttons appear when you have an active, paid Term 2 membership

Online Musicianship Classes

no online musicianship classes scheduled as yet for Term 1 2023-24

Online Workshops

no online workshops scheduled as yet for Term 1 2023-24

Music for Life ~ Online

no music for life conversations scheduled as yet for Term 1 2023-24

If you would like to listen to any of these Zoom presentations, you must first register even if there is no cost involved. Select class item to bring up a more detailed description. Add to your cart when ready and follow steps to proceed to checkout. Registration enrols you as a Friend of NHBT (if not already included in the group) so that you can be kept informed via email of other NHBT events of potential interest. 

All registrants will receive a Zoom invitation via email prior to the date the event takes place. 

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