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Personalized Account Information for Account Holders

This page is for an individual NHBT member that has created an account and contains information specific to that account such as all current and previous orders and their status.

While you can use the Account Details form to update your email address and name, it is not recommended ~ there will be a delay before this change affects class lists and teacher contact lists. Contact NHBT membership (contact list on members page) to make these changes on your behalf. 

Band Name Instrument Selection  Under account details, you can alter the instrument(s) that you intend to play in the classes for which you are registered. 

or… before you register and are expressing an interest in registering for specific classes… 

Band Name ~ Select if interested  Under account details, you can update the classes that you would like to be part of.  

Use the drop-down menus to select your instrument (or instruments) and choose the blank entry to remove an entry. 


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