Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are just thinking of joining or already a member, we have answers for you…

I am thinking about joining​

The program is geared toward mature adults. We have members as young as 30. The program will give you an opportunity to have fun making music, to make new friends, and keep your mind and body active.  This program is not designed for school-aged children.

Dan Kapp founded NHBT in 2010. You can find Dan’s story on our “leadership” page.  

Dan & Lisa Kapp built the organization with the help of many volunteers and then retired from their leadership and support roles in June of 2018 to Nova Scotia. 

They created a dedicated Board of Directors, professional music educators and a host of volunteers to continue what they began. 

In 2023, Dan returned as Director of Music.

Yes! This program was created to give people an opportunity to learn something new in a group setting. 

You don’t need to know anything about playing or reading music to start. But, the learning curve is steep for absolute beginners, so we recommend a private teacher for the first little while to help you get started on the right foot. But most of all you just need to do your best, and that’s good enough!

Yes. You will have an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your instrument and/or try out a new one. We would recommend either a Beginner / Green Band or Concert Band class.  If you have experience on your instrument, please Contact Us  to discuss your band placement.

No.  All levels will provide you with a chance to review technique and meet new people. There will also be leadership opportunities and possible small ensemble work for people with skill and experience who want to get in more playing. 

Yes. You will need an instrument in good playing condition. 

If you don’t have an instrument, the experienced sales staff at Long & McQuade will help you find the instrument that is right for you to buy or rent. Long & McQuade has an inexpensive rental program to get you started. NOTE: be sure to mention that you are part of the New Horizons Band for your school rate rental discount.

If you own an instrument but are not sure if it’s in good condition, Long & McQuade’s technicians can expertly clean and/or repair your instrument.

For those joining as beginners, we have an instrument loan program for your first term. See details on our home page.

The New Horizons Band is a concert band and therefore offers you the opportunity to play a brass or woodwind instrument or join the percussion section!  
Concert band instruments:  flute,  oboe,  bassoon,  clarinet,  saxophone,  trumpet,  French horn,  euphonium,  trombone,  tuba,  bells, xylophone,  drums & many other percussion instruments.

For those joining one of our Big Bands, there are limited spaces for traditional rhythm section players – piano, guitar, bass and drums. All Big Band players are expected to have considerable playing experience on their instrument and have solid music reading skills.

We run instrument workshops at the start of our season. The professional music teachers at New Horizons Band will take you through an introduction to band instruments and you will be able to try those of interest. See the website home page for current opportunities.

Our repertoire is diverse. We play pop, traditional folk songs, jazz, rock, marches, musical theatre songs and classical music of all sorts.  There is something for everyone! 

Participation is based on both membership and class registration. Membership can be annual or by term. Membership and class fees are explained via our Join Us webpage. 

Yes, we have several members that participate in more than one concert band at the same level or even more than one level. See the Join Us webpage for details of the various band classes. 

Before considering joining a second band, remember to take into account the amount of regular practice time between rehearsals needed to learn and progress on separate repertoire. 

Please see the Join Us webpage for how to register as a new member. Once you have reviewed the available classes there, registration happens in two steps – first you register and pay for membership, then you register and pay for your class(es).

If you have never played music before, or have minimal exposure to music, you are welcome to register for a Beginner / Green Band class. 

If you have played music before and have experience playing intermediate to advanced concert band music, you can review the class descriptions via the Join Us webpage or Contact Us. This will help us determine your playing ability and so help you select the appropriate level of class.

All classes are held at 662 Victoria Park Ave (North-West corner of Victoria Park and Danforth Ave) immediately south of the Victoria Park subway and bus TTC station.

Our rehearsal space is located in a basement but accessible via an elevator from a level entrance at street or limited local parking. Please Contact Us for details

We maintain a band calendar and details about upcoming events. New information is also reviewed at break time during each class. There are email broadcasts, as needed, and often emails from your music director about upcoming events or class preparation.

Notes about what music is being worked and other class details is available online via the Members page in band-specific music folders. You must be logged into the NHBT website and be a current member and have completed class registration to see this level of information. 

We prepare class lists after registration is done and make these available on our Members webpage for those who are current members and logged into the NHBT website. 

If you agree to share your email address when registering, it will be included in class lists so that you can reach other people in your instrument section or organize small music ensembles.

Every member is provided a badge that we encourage you to wear in class – there are lots of us and it makes it easier to learn (and be reminded) of other people’s names. 

We also have social events and parties that you might like to attend. 

Your teacher’s email address and that of your band class representative will be provided to you at the beginning of class.

Of course!  Music is a performance art and sharing it with others is important. You will be well prepared for each performance. Your director will make sure you are fully prepared to play your best and have fun doing it. The plan is to perform small concerts for small audiences whenever we have pieces ready, and to play our big concert in May/June.

No. Please contact us in advance so that we can properly welcome you with music, a stand and a chair! You can use our Contact Us form to tell us of your interest.

1- Browse the rest of this website. There is a lot of information available via the Join Us webpage that you can review before making any commitment. 
2- Send us a question using our  Contact Us form

Do you have questions about NHBT?

If you can’t find the answer to your question Contact Us

Already a member

As a member, you gain access to the members-only area of this website where we maintain a band calendar and details about upcoming events.  New information is also reviewed at break time during each class. There are email broadcasts, as needed, and often emails from your music director about upcoming events or class preparation. Notes about current repertoire and other class details are available online in band-specific music folders. 

We use a combination of method books which can be purchased at Long & McQuade (ask for NHBT discount) and maintain a large library of concert band and jazz music.  Your music director will advise about the method book to be purchased for your class. Details on how to access our current library of pieces are available via the Members page (login required). 

Most members are using computers to receive band emails and to gain access to music for printing.  Those without access to a computer or printer will want to find a “computer buddy” to keep in touch and gain access to notes from their music director and the music. 

Chairs and music stands are provided. Other than large percussion equipment, our one upright bass and tuba, members bring their own instrument to classes. Percussionists need to bring their own sticks/mallets.  All members are responsible for preparing their own music folders or binders and bringing these to each class. 

Our summer classes typically run from early June to late July. Details are available near the end of our regular season and classes are open to our regular members first, then we open them up to all members of the community. Fees for our multiple summer classes are separate and payable on a per course basis. 

For big events, we wear our best: black dress shoes, dress pants/below-knee skirt, long-sleeved black NHBT dress shirt (or any black long-sleeved dress shirt/blouse).  Orders for NHBT band shirts will be taken at the beginning of the year.

Our unique uniform piece is red socks or stockings.  A little bit of color makes us stand out!  You are welcome to wear your own or purchase red dress socks when you buy your band shirt.

We ask at the time of registration whether you will allow us to share your email with other band members. Band members use these emails to try to find other members interested in playing together in small ensembles. 

We include photos of our band members performing at concerts and in rehearsal on our website so that people thinking of joining get a better idea of what we do.  For the same reason, we maintain a presence on social media.  Your image may inspire someone else to take their own journey into music. 

If predicted weather will make travelling to or from a band rehearsal unsafe for our members, we’ll update the Band Calendar and issue an email broadcast announcing the cancellation of classes.  Check your email before leaving for class if you are wondering. In the event that TDSB classes or University of Toronto night classes are cancelled on a given day/evening, you may assume that NHBT is also cancelled.  We use the email address you provide us at the time of registration, so please ensure we have your current contact information.  

NHBT is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization employing professional music educators as teachers

Consider becoming a volunteer. It’s a great way to get to know the other members. 

Volunteers organize snacks & coffee at band rehearsals (it’s a tradition!), help with setup and storage of our equipment when needed, represent band classes at the Board during monthly meetings, or join the Board of Directors to take a leadership role in the administration. There are ongoing activities in the maintenance of the band music library, our percussion and other shared instruments / stands and supplies, helping with social gatherings and band concerts, organizing performances for small ensembles, managing the member registration, finances, our relationships with the community, sponsors and other New Horizon bands, our space rental agreement … and maintaining this website. There’s lots to do and your help is welcome.  If you are interested in volunteering, speak first to your band teacher.

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