New Year Social 2019

On February 9th, NHBT members and their spouses/partners celebrated the making of music together at our annual New Year social.  Such events give us a welcome opportunity to meet and mingle with members of our growing band family that we don’t otherwise see at our weekly bands!

Many thanks to Brian T. who was our host, organizing the party space at his condominium. 

In addition to the wonderful selection of food and great conversation, we all participated in a fun activity:  forming groups based on shared birthday month, creating a limerick given the first line and then presenting the limerick to the whole group. 

It was great seeing everyone and I look forward to  wrapping up our season with the annual NHBT BBQ Party, tentatively scheduled for June 8, 2019!  



President, New Horizons Band of Toronto

Here are some samples of the silliness!  The line given to each group is in bold type at the top of each creation.

Practise can drive us insane                         

It sure is a whole lot of strain                              

But your teacher will insist                                   

That you must persist                                               

To clear all the must from your brain                 

Practice can drive us insane

Say Bill, Gary, Mike, and Elaine

We continue to do it    

When we want to say screw it   

But wine helps us kill all the pain

Practice can drive us insane

And sometimes it causes great pain                 

I’d like to play less                                                 

But in spite of the stress                                      

They say that it’s good for the brain                 

There have never been any songs finer

Sung by the daughter of coal miners

At the end of the day

The band gathers to play

NHBT music for the local diners

There was a composer named Moisha

Who liked a lot of Noisha

When his timing was off 

The people would scoff                                         

And then he would lose his compoisha

Said a musician from Kalamazoo

Whose knowledge of staffs was askew

There are altos and tenors

And basses are better

It was treble he had to work through

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