Band Fest 2019 ~ Jan 26th


Saturday January 26th was an amazing day for all members of NHBT.  Our annual Band Fest saw TEN BANDS perform for the membership! 

The Big Band amazed the audience with their rendition of ‘Jada’ and the Jazz Orchestra followed with the classic ‘All the Things You Are’. 

Then the Monday Concert Band got toes tapping with ‘Cotten-Eyed Joe’ and the Monday Afternoon Beginner II’s kept the energy going with ‘Irish Jig for Young Feet’.  We all felt at least 20 years younger! 

The Monday Evening Beginner I class played ‘Louis, Louis’ and the fun continued.  The Monday Evening Beginner II class brought pirates to the stage with ‘The Last Voyage of the Queen Anne’s Revenge’.  Keeping up the energy wasn’t hard for the Tuesday Beginner I class – the ‘Banana Boat Song’ and Garry’s great costume changes left a smile on our faces.

The Thursday Morning Symphonic Band came in like thunder with ‘The Mountain’ and the Wednesday Evening Concert Band took us down memory lane with ‘Chicago – Pop and Rock Legends’.  The final act on stage was the Tuesday Evening Symphonic Band.  This group brought the house down with their version of ‘Baba Yetu’, including a special percussion break written by our percussion section leader, Joel A. 

Many thanks go out to our dedicated stage managers Kathy and Ian, and the wonderful individuals who showed up early to load the truck at the hall.  It was a long, crazy, and fabulously musical day for everyone. 
Friends and family – mark your calendars for our year-end concert ‘The Beat Goes On’, on Saturday June 1st!
Donna Dupuy

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