NHBT at St. Philips Lutheran Church Dec 13, 2018

It was a festive end to the fall season of NHBT as the Thursday Morning Symphonic Band took the stage at St. Philip’s Lutheran Church in Etobicoke for their fifth annual performance for church members, family, and friends.
Members Brent C. and Bob G. teamed up for a great duet on Baby, It’s Cold Outside and the audience joined the band for some enthusiastic sing-alongs. Heather H., Sue V., Mary Anne Q. and Dave B. are also to be commended for their wonderful ensemble playing on Greensleeves.  The program was challenging and all band members rose to the occasion.  The band would like to thank St. Philip’s for their continued hospitality and their generous gift to the organization.  

Happy Holidays to all!
Donna Dupuy

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