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J11 Q4 20 Intermediate Jazz Wed 2-3:15 pm Apr 7,14,21,28 May 5,12 - Pat


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J11 Q4 20 Intermediate Jazz Wed 2-3:15 pm Apr 7,14,21,28 May 5,12 – Pat

Intermediate Jazz
The ensemble has (must have) a rhythm section (piano and/or guitar, 2+bassists, drum kit, percussion) and is open to 30 woodwind and brass musicians from the Beginner II through Symphonic Bands who would like to begin their exploration of the jazz idiom
Beginner II musicians who wish to participate are encouraged to contact Patricia Wheeler in order to discuss comfort levels
What this band does:
This class continues to develop rhythms, styles, and repertoire endemic to the jazz tradition, in a concert band setting, and is open to the full range of instruments found in a concert band
Those who participated in the Big Band in the past may find this a fun and challenging next step
Material consists of studies, drills, games, and repertoire modelled after swing and dance band literature, such as that found in the Essential Elements Jazz Ensemble series
Notated solos are encouraged from all players
This class will also encourage improvisation
Prerequisites: Rent/own an instrument or purchase a stick/mallet kit if playing percussion
Play with a characteristic tone
Play Concert Major scales from four flats to four sharps
Read rhythms in simple and compound time signatures
All group playing will take place over SmartMusic

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