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B27 Q3 20 Symphonic Band Tue 7-8:15 pm Feb 2,9,16,23 Mar 2,9 - Donna


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B27 Q3 20 Symphonic Band Tue 7-8:15 pm Feb 2,9,16,23 Mar 2,9 – Donna

Symphonic Band
Woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments welcome
The focus is on developing a diverse repertoire and moving at a quicker pace while still creating enjoyable musical experiences
Open to anyone who has significant band experience on their instrument – 4+ years playing in a Concert Band setting
What this band does:
The focus is on performing pieces at tempo with good intonation, style, and expression
This band is for those who wish to be challenged on their instrument
A wide range of musical styles are explored in traditional concert band instrumentation
Rent/own an instrument or purchase a stick/mallet kit if playing percussion
Play with a characteristic tone.
Play the Concert B-flat Major scale and Concert g minor scale (all three forms) two octaves, from memory
Play Concert C, F, and E-flat Major scales (one or two octaves), and their relative minor scales
Read rhythms in simple, compound, and cut time. Mixed meter is used frequently
For percussion: Vic Firth rudiments – double stroke roll, ratamacue, paradiddle (both hands), scales as above on mallet instruments, timpani skills
All group playing will take place over SmartMusic

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