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B23 Q3 20 Concert Band Mon 7-8:15 pm Feb 1,8,22 Mar 1,8,15 - Dan


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B23 Q3 20 Concert Band Mon 7-8:15 pm Feb 1,8,22 Mar 1,8,15 – Dan

Concert Band
Woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments welcome
Open to anyone who has some band experience on their instrument – 2+ years playing in a Concert Band setting
What this band does:
The focus is on performing pieces with dynamics, articulation, and expression
This band is for those who wish to be challenged on their instrument
A wide range of musical styles are explored in traditional concert band instrumentation
Prerequisites: Rent/own an instrument or purchase a stick/mallet kit if playing percussion
Be able to read notes in the clef of your instrument, including up to two ledger lines above and below the staff
Be able to follow a conductor
Play the Concert B-flat Major scale, two octaves
Play Concert C, F, and E-flat Major scales (one or two octaves)
Play Concert g minor scale – all three forms
Read rhythms in 3/4, 2/4, 4/4, and 6/8 time including whole, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes and dotted rhythms
For percussion: Vic Firth rudiments – double stroke roll, ratamacue, paradiddle (both hands), scales as above on mallet instruments
All group playing will take place over SmartMusic

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