Board of Directors

The New Horizons Band of Toronto is a not-for-profit organization. Our bylaws provide for a Board of Directors comprising 12 members. Directors are elected on a rotating basis and serve for two years. Six new members join the Board each spring to replace those stepping down. The Board meets regularly once a month, with the president chairing the meetings. Each director has an area of responsibility.

Executive Committee
President – Randy Kligerman         
Vice-President – Dave Barnes                        
Treasurer – Hal Palter                             
Secretary – Donna Schwantes                      
Board Members
Director (Membership and Registration) – Kathy Carson                       
Director (Music Librarian) – Alan Abramson                    
Director (Asset Manager) – Theresa Boudreau               
Director (Publicity/Outreach) – Wilma Cayonne 
Director – Brian Elcombe                      
Director – Kirsten Douglas
Director – Ted Fairhurst                       
Member at Large – Phyllis Welsh
Member at Large – Frances Gorbet                    

Head of Education (non-board, advisory) – Donna Dupuy 

Founder & Director Emeritus – Dan Kapp 

New Horizons Band of Toronto – By Laws   (link opens in a new browser tab)