Recollectiv – Rekindling the mind

If you are interested in giving back with your musical talents, consider volunteering with ReCollectiv.  This group is specifically for musicians with memory challenges. Check out their website and information below.

Toronto’s Recollectiv is a unique musical group whose members are mainly made up of people affected by cognitive challenges (caused by Dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Stroke, PTSD, brain injury, etc.). Young music students and community members also form part of the band, making this a positive intergenerational experience for all participants.

Recollectiv will resume on Saturday, September 22nd.

Recollectiv’s mission is to help people in Toronto with cognitive impairments, the majority of whom are seniors, gain a new social network, rediscover a sense of accomplishment and find joy through music-making. Community participation also helps destigmatize this often isolating diagnosis. Membership in the band is best suited to those still living at home, with or without a care partner.

Online Class Schedule