Jazz Friends – Colleen and Pat in upcoming concerts

Colleen Allen and Pat LaBarbera are musical friends of NHBT – their workshops with the Jazz Orchestra in January 2018 were open to all NHBT members.  Here’s a chance to support them in their upcoming live music

Rex Hotel – Colleen Allen’s band is playing the early set (6:30pm) on all four Fridays in September. On Friday, Sept. 21st, Pat and Joe LaBarbera are playing along with Kirk MacDonald, Brian Dickinson and Neil Swainson in the Rex’s annual birthday tribute to John Coltrane, in the 9:30 pm slot after Colleen.

In other happenings, the Kensington Market Jazz Festival starts Sept 14th. Colleen and many other local musicians are featured, including the John McLeod big band on opening night.

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