Vaccination Status Declaration for In-Person Class Attendance

All NHBT members that have registered for in-person classes need to complete a declaration of COVID-19 vaccination status. 

Because this yes/no question was not included if you registered for your classes prior to August 19th, a Vaccination Status Declaration order item (below) has been created to capture this information.

Members intending to participate in- person are required to complete this declaration attesting that they are fully vaccinated. This information will be added to the NHBT records.

Class orders placed on or after August 19th include this declaration as part of the regular order checkout process. 

  1. Add this item to your cart. 
  2. Proceed to Checkout.
  3. Answer the yes/no vaccination status question in the Band Registration portion of the Checkout form.
  4. Place the order. 
  5. Be prepared to bring the documentation that confirms your fully vaccinated state to your first in-person class.



In-Person Classes – a class where all participants (students, guests, band directors) are physically in the same band rehearsal space. This may be a music performance class or any other in-person class.

Fully Vaccinated – participant has received their second dose of a 2-dose vaccine series or 1 dose of an approved 1-dose vaccine. The participant has also observed the 2-week waiting period after vaccination during which time the body’s immune system mounts a full response to the vaccine. All vaccines must be Health Canada approved.

Partially Vaccinated – participant has only received their first dose of a 2-dose Health Canada approved vaccine.

Unvaccinated – individual has not received any doses of a Health Canada approved vaccine.

Proof of Vaccination – at this juncture, the Ministry of Health vaccination slip is the only valid proof of vaccination.

This Vaccination Status Declaration is for Band and Jazz class orders placed prior to August 19th. It is available only while logged into your NHBT account.  

Login at the Members page

Complete your Declaration

    • Add A00 T1 21 COVID-19 Vaccination Status to your cart
    • Click the $ number below to get a pop-up showing all the items in your shopping cart
    • From the pop-up you can go to a detailed view of your shopping cart or proceed to checkout
    • Proceed to Checkout
    • Compete Vaccination Status question under the Band Registration Details section
    • Place the order