Membership and Class Registration 2020-2021

Membership and Class Registration 2020-2021

Our usual Regular Program runs from September to May over two terms of 17 weeks each. However, we are having to adapt to the pandemic.  So, in-person classes will not be scheduled until it is safe to do so. 

NHBT is adapting by monitoring closely the medical guidelines that are appropriate for our situation and working to sustain our musical engagement by whatever means possible. Our teachers and a committee of band members from all levels are working on new programming options. 

We have opened online membership renewal for 2020-2021.  This is one way for you to tell us that you want  to continue to be a part of NHBT.  We can’t set  a start date for in-person classes, but our About Us page has the proposed schedule of weekly classes. In completing the form, there is now a way for you to indicate the classes of interest so that we can anticipate your return. 

The only item we are offering at the moment is Membership Renewal.  We’d like all members to complete this  level of registration but there is no obligation to pay at this time.  

However,  NHBT has ongoing cost obligations.  To keep the organization going, we need those who can do it, to offer to pay the non-refundable membership fee. Those funds will help pay our reduced rent and ongoing music program development while we continue to adapt to the situation.  

As part of the “checkout” form, you are asked to indicate bands of interest for when we can resume these. Once we have a start date you would then return to the store to register for and then pay class fees following our normal process.

Once you place your membership registration order, you will receive an email acknowledgement with the details of your order.  We will be using your information to help us plan for the resumption of classes.  

Inside the checkout form, the first question asks if you are able to pay for membership renewal at this time:  

    • Only those that indicate that you will be paying now will get an updated email regarding payment.  In that confirmation message, we gratefully welcome payment to support NBHT through this difficult time.  
    • For all others, we thank you for showing continued interest in being part of NHBT. Your order will remain “on-hold” until we can provide better information. 

We want to and will play together again! 

All band rehearsals are held at 662 Victoria Park Ave (near north/west corner of  Victoria Park Ave and Danforth Ave.)  The Victoria Park TTC station is nearby (330m).  We have use of the downstairs space at the SNI Centre. Entrance to the rehearsal space is via the single door off the SNI parking lot.  For those carrying large instruments or wanting to avoid the single flight of stairs from this door to the lower area, the main doors (double doors closer to Victoria Park Ave) will be managed by NHBT members just prior to class start. The doorbell at the single door rings in basement area if you find the door locked at class time. 

Free parking is available in the nearby shopping mall and some nearby streets. Check signs carefully for time and date restrictions. 

Drop off of large instruments (and then parking elsewhere) is possible. 

We have very limited access to parking at 662 Victoria Pk. and issue a few permits per class to those with mobility issues or handling a particularly large instrument.  NHBT parking is on the East side of the parking lot only (side closest to Victoria Park). 

Access to the SNI parking lot for either drop-off or permit parking is via Sutherland Ave, the one-way street running East north of SNI.  To get to Sutherland Ave from Victoria Park Ave use  Bryant Ave (to the North of Sutherland). From Danforth, use Eldon Ave. which is two blocks West of Victoria Park Ave. 

An elevator is available for our use during rehearsals. Access to the elevator is from the main doors for SNI  at the north-east corner of the building (i.e. closer to Victoria Pk.)  These main doors are generally locked, so please coordinate with another band member to open the door or use the doorbell to announce your arrival. If you have any questions about accessibility, please contact Donna.

The SNI Centre observes security on entrance doors.  The primary entrance designated for NHBT is via the door adjacent to the parking lot. NHBT members can manage entrance to class via the main entrance doors immediately prior to class times for those transporting large instruments or needing access to the elevator to reach the downstairs rehearsal space. The main doors are locked but can be opened via pushbar from inside at any time. If you arrive late and need access via the main doors, you must contact another NHBT member (presumably already at class) to assist you. The primary entrance will remain unlocked but monitored during class times. 

While at the SNI location, ensure that your personal valuables are kept inside the rehearsal room. Coats and outdoor shoes are to be left in the coatroom outside the rehearsal space. Bring and use indoor shoes for wearing inside the rehearsal space. Instrument cases will be stored immediately outside the rehearsal room or in the NHBT office adjacent to the rehearsal room. NOTE: no outdoor shoes or boots inside the rehearsal room

Those with instruments that produce “condensation” must bring and use a “spit rag” on the floor to prevent slippery surfaces inside the rehearsal space. 

A great advantage of our new rehearsal space is that percussion instruments, chairs and music stands remain largely in place on a continuous basis. But this means less opportunity to clean an unobstructed floor.  NHBT, and therefore all members, are responsible for keeping our rehearsal space clean and tidy. We begin by not tracking dirt into the room and then ensuring that the immediate area around us is dry and clean at the end of each class. 

 Only want to shop for summer classes? 

Summer Class Descriptions

    1. Please place one order per person. Do not combine orders. 
    2. Click on program names to read about them in more detail. If you want to select a program, add it to your shopping cart from either the class summary or the detail. 
    3. Review your shopping cart contents and total fees and adjust as needed by clicking on the Shopping Cart Total value. 
    4. When you’re ready, follow the prompts to checkout.
    5. Items in your shopping cart are checked for consistency – you may find warnings that need to be acknowledged. If there is an error that needs your correction, use your browser page back function to return to the previous page where you can adjust the contents of your cart.
    6. Enter your contact and other information, and place your order. 
    7. You will receive an email acknowledging your requests. 
    8. Your requests are reviewed and, if needed, someone will be in touch with you to discuss potential changes. If necessary, changes will be made by our NHBT volunteers and you will receive a new confirmation email – that is your invoice. 
    9. Wait until you receive confirmation of your band program selections before you pay. You may then pay by the method you selected (eTransfer, cash or cheque)
    10. Once your payment has been received and processed you will get a final “order completed” email.

In the checkout process you are providing the contact and related information that will be used to create or update the NHBT membership records and to generate the class lists.  

The checkout form includes an option to discuss individualized payment options. Answer “yes” if this is an important factor that will make your participation in NHBT possible. 

Being a current member of NHBT allows you to register for one or more Regular Program band class. Enrolment in a regular band class then entitles you to register for one or more Enrichment Classes. 

Band classes are offered at different levels. Your band teacher or Donna Dupuy, our Head of Education, can give you advice if you are unsure about the right level for you. 

Regular Program classes run from September to May. The fall term runs from September to January and the spring term runs from February to May. If you are unable to commit to attending a full year of classes, especially for classes that depend on continuity to build skills or have limited positions per instrument, please consider whether you are a good fit for that program. Half-year payment options are to help with your budget and are not intended to reflect on your intended participation. Beginners are welcome at the start of (and within) each term because it’s always a good time to start learning music.  

Enrichment Classes can be selected only as additions to one or more band programs. This is because the band class in the Regular Program is where the core learning happens that enables effective enrichment. Enrichment Class teachers may have their own participation expectations that respect the learning goals of the entire class. Your teachers make an individual assessment, especially where there are defined positions for specific instruments to ensure balance. 

Regular Program: 

    • Registration = Membership + 1 or more Band Class(es) + 1 or more Enrichment Class(es) (if desired)

Summer Program:

    • Open to both members and non-members. Non-members can submit registration orders for summer classes and these will be processed after existing members placements have been set.

Fees for membership reflect the break-even costs of operating NHTB which include renting space, paying our professional educators, buying and maintaining equipment and our music library. 

Our Code of Conduct helps us ensure a welcoming environment for all our band members. It is embedded below for ease of reference. All members are obliged to observe the elements of this code.

Refunds for Regular season items are prorated based on the date of the request and subject to a service charge ($15). There are no refunds for Summer classes once confirmed. 

You have the option of sharing your email address for the class lists that are in the password-protected members area of the website. Addresses and phone numbers are not shared. 

You also have the option of letting us retain your contact information so that we can contact you about events and updates even if you are not currently playing in a band. 

With your authorization, NHBT may use photos or videos that include you during rehearsals, events, and performances on the public portion of our website, on the social networking sites we administer, or similar public outreach. Photos and recordings from band events may also be posted inside the secure members area of the website.

NEW HORIZONS BAND OF TORONTO (By-Law Number 1, Appendix “A”)Members’ Code of Conduct

The following information is provided to inform members of their responsibilities as committed members of the New Horizons Band of Toronto. This policy and practices outlined applies to behaviour during large band classes, sectionals or small ensemble rehearsals, concerts social events, or any other gathering of members participating in and/or representing New Horizons Band of Toronto.

If a member behaves in an objectionable manner, creates disharmony with other band members or with teacher-conductors or coaches during any related New Horizons Band of Toronto activity, then that member’smembership in the New Horizons Band of Toronto may be revoked without remuneration. The Board of Directors will review such situations, on a case-by-case basis and if necessary, ensure that appropriate action is implemented; whether that be remediation or to revoke membership.


In fairness to other band members and New Horizons Band of Toronto’s desire to produce high quality performances, please make every effort to attend all classes/rehearsals. Individuals who miss numerous practices prior to a concert are to speak to the teacher-conductor involved to get their approval to play in any upcoming concerts.

If a member must take a leave of absence or is otherwise unable to perform, they are to make best efforts to inform the teacher-conductor(s) of their absence in advance.

Class/Rehearsal Decorum

Please observe appropriate and respectful class/rehearsal decorum, giving the teacher-conductor your full attention and avoiding conversation which is distracting to others. Save conversation for the break. If you need help, ask the teacher-conductor. If you ask your neighbour for help, do so quietly and not while the teacher-conductor is talking.

Playing your instrument when the teacher-conductor has stopped conducting is discourteous to the teacher- conductor and to those around you.

You are asked to refrain from using personal electronic devices (i.e. cell phones, iPads, etc.) for communication and/or entertainment purposes during classes and/or rehearsals. If you must absolutely use these devices, you are asked to leave the classroom/studio to do so. This activity is a distraction to you and to those around you.

Concert Decorum

Please conduct yourself in an appropriate manner at all times while at the concert venue. Remember that the performance begins when the band or ensemble walks on the stage. The audience will judge your performance from this point until you leave the stage at the conclusion of the presentation.

Distracting behaviours such as talking and excessive body and foot movements should be kept to a minimum.

Members are expected do their fair share in assisting with any needed set-up before a concert and clean-up after a concert. This could be in the form of stacking chairs, taking down stands, returning music, loading trucks, etc.

Members are to adhere to the then current concert dress code.

Music Management

As well as your prime resource during a class/rehearsal or performance, sheet music represents a significant cost to the band. Because of this, it is important that you take full responsibility for any original sheet music entrusted to you.

All original sheet music must be returned by the end of each class. Original music should only leave the classroom/rehearsal space with the permission of the teacher-conductor and must be signed out. This also applies to original scores.

When original sheet music is entrusted to you, it is to be returned to the librarian or your teacher-conductor in the same condition as it was received (i.e. no permanent markings, no holes punched, no highlighter, no tears, etc.). If the music is not returned in acceptable condition, you may be charged a fee to replace that part.

Equipment Management

New Horizons Band of Toronto’s equipment (i.e. percussion, instruments, stands, sound, amps, accessories,social, etc.) represents another significant cost to the band. Because of this, it is important that you take full responsibility for any equipment that is entrusted to you; whether borrowed or used.

If you borrow New Horizons Band of Toronto’s equipment, an Equipment Management Form must be completedand approved by your teacher-conductor and submitted to the Asset Officer.

The equipment must be returned to the Asset Officer at the agreed upon time or as requested. Should the equipment not be returned in the same condition as it was when you signed it out, other than normal wear and tear, you may be charged for the repair or replacement of that equipment.

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