Welcome to New Horizons Band of Toronto!  We’re glad that you are thinking about joining us.

We offer bands at multiple levels, from complete beginners to advanced players. Please see our About Us page to get more information about the level of each band, when each band rehearses, and how our band program supports members.  You will want to use the About Us page with its general information as your initial guide.  The FAQ section may also help you to choose the band level that is right for you.

Registration for 1st term is no longer available but you can register now for 2nd term. 

Please refer to the Band Class and Events Calendar for detailed dates for 2nd term classes -starting the week of January 28th.

Guidelines for Registration in the 2018-2019 Season:  

Beginner I – Absolute beginners are welcome on a range of concert instruments. As soon as you are ready, you can complete the registration form on this page and “submit”. One of our membership volunteers will be in touch to help you along the next steps. 

Beginner II – Our advanced beginner classes are filling up fast.  We are accepting all instruments at the present time, but are looking for brass instruments and low reeds in particular.  As soon as you are ready, you can complete the registration form on this page and “submit”. One of our membership volunteers will be in touch to help you along the next steps. 

Concert Band – Our Concert Band classes are essentially FULL but you can contact Donna to see if we can find a space for you.  

Symphonic Band – Our Symphonic Band classes are essentially FULL but you can contact Donna to see if we can find a space for you.  

You can use the message area in the form to provide any musical background you would like to share or to ask specific questions about your registration.  We will be in touch to review your situation and explain the options available.  

If you are not ready to complete the registration form, the Contact Us form can also be used for general questions. Both registration and contact forms are sent to Donna Dupuy, our Head of Education. 

Some notes on the form fields:

Please ensure that your email address is correct.  This is our primary means of keeping in touch. You should receive an automated email reply after submitting the form with a copy of your entries. 

Your “primary” instrument is the one (or more) that you intend to play in band. If you are a beginner, you may not have made this decision yet, so you can pick the “don’t yet …” option.

Secondary instruments can include other instruments you might play in band e.g. piccolo, if you are a flute player, or other instruments that you know how to play. 

Band selection is based on your experience and which day/time works for you. You select a band by using the pull-down menu to select the instrument that you intend to play in that band. If you want to select a band but haven’t decided on an instrument, you can select “None Yet”.  You can reset the choice to “blank” for instrument if you want to undo a selection. 

Select the band that you think is the best option for you. That becomes the start of a discussion based on your background and the availability of positions.  Selection of more than one band indicates you already know how these bands work and are ready to indicate this level of interest.  If you are not ready to make a selection, there’s an option to have someone contact you to help make a choice.

Our Code of Conduct helps us ensure a welcoming environment for all our band members. Please read it before completing the form. All members are obliged to observe the elements of this code.

Contact Sharing / Image Sharing:  You have the option to share your email address with band mates and, separately, to allow us to use pictures to make our outreach to the public more personal.  When you authorize NHBT the right to use photos or videos that include you during rehearsals, events, and performances, this is for our website, social networking sites, or similar public outreach (without payment or other compensation). 

Paying for your membership:  Payment options are explained further on our FAQ page under “how much does it cost…” Our standard options are for the full year or by term.  If you need to make special arrangements for payment, this can be discussed privately by selecting “yes” for the “please have someone contact me” field. 

We will be in touch to discuss your interests before you need to arrange payment.

Please note that fields marked with an require an entry. 

After you complete the form and click the “Submit” button above, your information will be sent to our NHBT member registration volunteers and to Donna Dupuy, Head of Education.  A copy of this information will be automatically emailed to you at the address you have provided .

If you have omitted necessary information, you will be prompted for this until the form  is complete. Once complete, you will get another page of information about what happens next.